FOLIO Project Update – Week of September 30, 2019

The FOLIO Product Council heard a brief update from Lisa Sjögren of Chalmers after their first few days live with FOLIO. Congratulations to Chalmers!

Anton Emilianov updated PC about the most recent Bug Fest. This is the first Bug Fest with the new team of community volunteer testers and it achieved the primary goals of reducing the time POs spend on testing while allowing more people from the broader community to help out.

Harry Kaplanian briefed PC about the current Product Owner commitments and made a request for the community to identify 4 individuals who could commit at least 10 hours per week to being product owners for various functional areas. PC members will work with their institutions to try to cover this important need.

PC spent most of the meeting discussing institutional Go Live decisions. One goal of the MVP process is to have at least five institutions committed to implementing the FOLIO MVP and developing their implementation plans.

The FOLIO Technical Council discussed a new project-wide Definition of Done, analyzing current recommendations and comparing to team’s published DoD’s. TC also discussed how to handle security related issues — specifically timing of issues that are found with live/released software – and formed a committee to draft best practices.

There was also a review of progress, discussion and action items assigned to the “Real-Life Load Testing needs”.

The Acquisitions Small Group of the Resource Management SIG reviewed Notes in FOLIO and how they could be applied for acquisitions workflows. The ERM Small Group reviewed screens for attaching licenses to Agreements. The Full RM SIG did a demo of the Gobi API integration with FOLIO and discussed how libraries could start testing the integration with their own test instances.

The Metadata Management SIG talked about data flow and basic requirements for importing bibliographic records from OCLC without going through the data import interface.

The Reporting SIG reviewed and discussed how to approach GDPR compliance for LDP-based reports with personal data. Since LDP developers may be able to provide GDPR-compliant functionality later (post Go Live), the SIG focused on timing for institutions going live needing GDPR compliance. The Reporting Data Privacy group will investigate the timing issues. The RPWG is working on LDP report prototype and query development, with 10 projects currently underway.

Nassib Nassar gave a comprehensive overview of the LDP to the Sys Ops & Mgt SIG, addressing in particular SysOps-related questions. The LDP comprises some debugging and testing features, and will be compliant to Postgres and Redshift. Data from FOLIO is stored in two databases — public and historical — and local data is being left untouched by the loader.

Personal data is anonymized but has to option to be included. Discussion will be held with those who want to use tags for fieldnames.  The LDP is like an external tool to FOLIO. The command line tool might be dockerized. The performance of the loader has been tested and may be made configurable concerning the interfaces to be loaded.