FOLIO Project Update – Weeks of December 24, 2018 – January 7, 2019

At both the January 3 and January 10 meetings, the library representatives on the FOLIO Product Council discussed their current migration plans.  Several may implement the ERM in 2019 when it becomes available.  Most will wait for their new fiscal year in 2020 for full implementation but some leave open the possibility of bringing certain apps online earlier.

The FOLIO Technical Council hasn’t met since prior to the holidays but has several actions open for next week’s meeting including the report from OTS, a discussion on Edge-APIs and AES/PubSub Message Queue designs. They are also hoping to get an update from the Stripes Architecture team on a recommendation for how to handle the technical debt that was highlighted a few weeks back.

The Accessibility SIG had their January meeting on 1/9/19.  John Colburn discussed the shortcut keys user application POC.  Khalilah discussed the need to come up with a way to get more feedback on accessibility user stories and defects. Deb Hamrick will schedule Power Hours to gather more user story feedback.

The Consortia SIG met with Harry Kaplanian and Peter Murray on January 9th to discuss what activities the SIG should be working on to prepare for eventual development of multi-tenant consortial features. The SIG has already identified a number of features that have been loaded into Jira ( These will need more detail before they are ready to be looked at by developers. The current plan is to review each feature, starting with those that have a high priority. In parallel, the SIG will continue working on high-level vision documents for each of the services/functions identified in the Consortial Services Framework.

The Metadata Management SIG met on January 3 to review some UX questions and concerns. On January 10, Vince Bareau joined us for a presentation on and discussion of Codex.

The Reporting SIG created a list of Goals for 2019 focused primarily on building the Library Reporting Database, writing reports against the Library Reporting Database, and providing shared documentation on queries and reporting tools. The group also reviewed the results of a meeting with Reporting SIG, UM SIG, and RA SIG representatives to find features to help distinguish UM reports from RA reports, and to complete a User Management reporting gaps analysis. The Reporting Prototype Subgroup is working on refining the circulation reporting data model and building a data model for the ERM eUsage app.

The Resource Access SIG worked on fixed term loan policies and functionalities, in-transit functionality, and rush recalls.

The Sys Ops & Mgt SIG exchanged their experiences with the installation of the Q4 release. Two institutions don’t use Okapi for deployment. Additional documentation is required for the modules to spin up. The documentation will be pushed to Docker hub and linked back to github. They collected detailed requirements. David Crossley of Index Data will create an umbrella JIRA issue for this. – Jason Root of the TAMU team is preparing an update of the Rancher 2.0/Kubernetes deployment procedure notes based on their experiences with the Q4 installation.

The Community Outreach SIG released the Aster badge, which can now be used when referring to the Q4 release. The SIG is preparing to present a forum on January 23, which will highlight new resources and processes for the community to follow when planning meetups and submitting for conferences. The FOLIO Year-in-Review Forum was unexpectedly postponed due to a medical emergency; it will likely be rescheduled for a date/time that outside of the normal every-other-Wednesday pattern.  The next webinars are the Community Outreach SIG (January 23rd; registration link) and the Aster Release Roadmap Update (February 6th; registration link).