FOLIO Project Update – Weeks of January 20 and 27, 2020

The FOLIO Technical Council recapped WOLFcon discussions. Notes on these discussions are found here.

The FOLIO Implementation Group discussed a document created by Kelly Drake that lists the functionality required for the Round II implementer in order to go live. This document can be found here. The FIG also created a document for the Round III implementers to begin considering, and began discussion on rotation for the convener.

The Metadata Management SIG  reviewed the discussions that took place at WOLFCon, and continued the discussion that had begun with the Reporting SIG. An MM Reporting Working Group is forming to document report examples, create prototypes and assist where possible with query writing.

The Reporting SIG had good, active participation in its four WOLFCon 2020 Reporting Sessions. Bringing external data into the LDP and building reports to support integrated systems were among several interesting topics discussed. Recent brainstorms on moving work forward have resulted in a new subteam structure for focusing on report development in functional areas. We now have 3 subgroups for RA/UM, RM/ERM, and MM report development. The SIG is still actively seeking additional report designers and SQL developers in all functional report areas.

The Resource Access SIG clarified terminology related to several functions and reviewed WOLFcon discussions. The SIG is also considering repurposing their two weekly meetings, using one day to discuss testing and development stages and the other to take questions from and supply information to the POs. The SIG may add a second convener to run 1 group of meetings while Andrea continues to manage the other.

The Kubernetes subgroup of the Sys Ops & Mgt SIG , lead by Wayne Schneider, is wrapping up their work and want to be part of the main group again. The subgroup documented a unified approach for deploying with Kubernetes and Rancher, and contributed diagrams and documentation on GitHub to the community.

The SIG also reflected on WOLFCon experiences, where the main concerns were:

  • Database update strategies – at the moment it is more of an extract & reload process
  • Database management strategies – discussed crunchy postgres, RDS, pgpool)
  • Dependency management (part of the tech debt list of TC) – proposed a messaging system for interaction between modules
  • Performance – need to simulate many-user scenario and do performance tests
  • Need for larger test data sets

The Community Outreach SIG met at WOLFcon, where the goal of the meeting was to identify key strategic initiatives for the group to focus on over the next year. Highlights of focus items include encouraging collaboration in documentation and focusing on sites that have implemented (including discussion of ERM implementations). Full notes are available here.