FOLIO Project Update – Weeks of November 19 and 26, 2018

The FOLIO Product Council heard about some UI architecture issues that affect response time and some areas of usability.  A group is looking at the issues and will make recommendations to the Technical Council in a few weeks. Vince Bareau presented on the vision for Codex, both short-term and long-term aspirational.  There seems to be some divergence in that vision and what is going on in the SIGs. The PC will discuss further on Dec 6 and will bring in the SIG Conveners for their input and reactions on Dec 13.

The FOLIO Technical Council met and discussed the Consortia SIG’s request for advice on next steps. They concluded:

  1. Create visioning documents as suggested. Once these are created further discussion with Tech Council may be warranted.
  2. Seek out other consortia that may be able to supply a Product Owner – this is the key blocker (lack of a PO)

They also discussed reporting and LDP and will be following up with Nassib for more information.

The Accessibility SIG  reports that the Accessibility and Usability Lab at CU will be testing the check-in and check-out apps with screen reader testers on Wednesday, 11/28.  Low vision testing will be next.

The Metadata Management SIG has been focused on two working groups, one reviewing MARC-Instance mapping and the other reviewing MARC-Holdings mapping. The Data Import and MarcCat subgroups continue to meet twice a week.

Nassib presented a table “Comparing types of services for querying FOLIO data” to the Reporting SIG to explain differences in time delays for data in FOLIO module, LDP database batch load, and LDP database streaming update environments. The Reporting Prototype Subgroup is working on a second test report and plans to run reports against large datasets in the Library Reporting Database. Holly provided a demonstration of the Export function for tables for Loans as it relates to reporting. The SIG is also discussing in-app versus Library Reporting Database reports and the analysis required to determine how a report fits into either of these categories.