FOLIO Project Update – Weeks of November 25 and December 2, 2019

The Accessibility SIG  is interested in learning more about the use of keyboard navigation and shortcuts that people use in their current systems as well as which keyboard shortcuts they may wish to add or have implemented within FOLIO. To help with understanding these questions, the SIG is requesting responses to this survey by Friday, December 13:

The Resource Management SIG reviewed the work done for Q4 Edelweiss release, and started prioritizing work to be done in Q1 2020.

The Metadata Management SIG talked about effective call number elements, effective call number type and effective copy numbers with Cate Boerema.

The Reporting SIG has released a hosted “demo” Library Data Platform (LDP) database for the reporting community (see This database combines sample data extracted from the folio-snapshot instance with supplemental test data to support query development and testing (ERM and MARC/SRS data are not yet included). The Report Prototype Working Group meetings have been merged back into the Reporting SIG meetings to streamline the focus on report query development. Training on developing report queries for the FOLIO Library Data Platform (LDP) as well as report reviews with SIGs will be offered at the WOLFCon 2020 conference. The SIG continues to seek query developers and report testers, as well as sysadmins who are ready to stand up their LDP reporting environments.

The Sys Ops & Mgt SIG is making preparations to send a number of people to WOLFCon. At TAMU, there are efforts to test the module upgrade migration scripts of Q4. TAMU will duplicate its running Q3.2 instance and then migrate the modules with the scripts. There are similar plans at Cornell and LeHigh. The SIG will re-meet next week to exchange first Q4 installation and operation experiences.