Guest post: Frontside Joins the Project

Arash Zafarnia CEO of Frontside

Arash Zafarnia, CEO of Frontside, talks about his team’s role in FOLIO and shares a screenshot of the e-holdings app.

Frontside helps companies define, architect and build high-performing digital applications. Our team constantly pushes toward new frontiers of software development and applies our knowledge to solve some of the most complex design and engineering challenges. We partner with our clients to build applications that delight their users.

We are excited about the FOLIO project because it is an open source project that we think will positively impact how libraries, service providers, and developers operate and stay connected as a community. We agree that the future of libraries is open and are both excited and proud to be included in the process of creating and contributing to FOLIO.

For the FOLIO project, we are contributing in three primary areas. First, we’re creating a FOLIO microservice to integrate EBSCO’s knowledge base into any FOLIO deployment. Second, we’re building out the FOLIO application with which libraries can manage their electronic holdings. And finally, we are contributing back to the underlying infrastructure and code base of the FOLIO platform to make it a huge success as an open source project.

Here is an image of the FOLIO e-holdings app that Frontside is currently working on:

Frontside FOLIO e-holdings app