Introducing FOLIO’s shiny, new website

FOLIO’s Community Outreach SIG is proud to announce the launch of a new and improved website. The project took over a year to complete and involved the Community Outreach SIG and members of EBSCO’s web team working closely together on content and design.


The new site is meant to address issues that arose as the community grew. The main goals that the site aims to address are to:

  1. Clearly define the audience
  2. Show how to get involved in the project
  3. Make it easy to get to other community channels

In order to achieve these goals, we added functionality and improved the content on the site. To address the first goal, we defined our audience on the homepage (librarians, developers, vendors) and linked to dedicated pages for each group. Within each group’s section, we have tabs that clearly define how that group can interact with the community and get involved in the project. To address the final goal, we introduced a universal navigation bar, which appears on all FOLIO communication channels (that allow for it), including the project wiki, the discussion board and the developer’s site. That way, no matter what channel you are on within the project, you easily can get to the website and to the other sites that are part of the project.

New Features

We are excited that the website offers new content. We now have a dynamic homepage, that features current content like upcoming events, latest Tweets and news items. We have a dedicated blog, that is searchable by keywords. There is an entire new Community section, that is dedicated to librarians, developers and vendors and highlights current members of the project. We have a new Resources section, where you can easily find community resources, like videos, webinars, slide decks and logos.

Future Features

We aren’t done yet – we will continue to improve the site over the next year. The first improvements will include the ability to filter resources in the Resource section by category, and information for libraries who are publishing Requests for Information (RFIs) and are seeking bids from the FOLIO community.  

Thank you to everyone who was involved in this project. We hope that this new site makes it easier for everyone to find information about the project and get involved.

Rachel Fadlon, Convener, Community Outreach SIG

Patrick Zinn, Community Outreach SIG, and Director of Marketing & Communications, Library System, Texas A&M University