Future of Libraries is Open

FOLIO is a collaboration of libraries, developers and vendors building an open source library services platform. It is a modern platform that inspires innovation and delivers both new and traditional resource management functionality.


FOLIO represents a critical pivot in the Library Technology landscape. Together libraries and vendors have created an environment for collaboration that allows independence and community ownership of the capabilities and roadmap for technology that powers the library, and the process for managing it. While the technology and architecture are to be admired, perhaps the greatest strength of FOLIO is the community that surrounds it. Open, collaborative, modern, sophisticated … all community owned and directed. Welcome to FOLIO!

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Interested in contributing ideas? Join a SIG! Interested in contributing code? Join one of our teams of developers! Interested but not sure where to plug in? Contact one of our Councils!

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Diverse and global, the FOLIO community is made up of Librarians, Developers, Vendors, Networks and Consortia. Individuals as well as organizations are committing time to make sure the Future of Libraries Is Open.

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At the heart of our efforts, we are creating a platform that inspires innovation and delivers on that promise. A modern and modular platform designed for library needs of today and tomorrow.

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