How Can I Get Involved in FOLIO?

FOLIO relies on the community to grow and succeed. We need librarians, developers, vendors and advocates all working together to rethink what a library services platform (LSP) can be. Library strategists can share their visions of how library technology should look and evolve; developers can help create the platform by building or extending apps; experts and advocates can contribute functional knowledge related to workflows.

The project is full of opportunities for you to get involved and contribute, not only to the discussion, but in the shaping of the new platform. Lend your voice to the project as it continues to grow and develop.

  • Join webinars and in-person events to learn more about the project and meet fellow community members.
  • Follow FOLIO on Twitter for updates.
  • Follow FOLIO discussion and topics to ask questions and post thoughts.
  • Sign up for community updates to learn about the latest developments, events and webinars.
  • Access FOLIO code and documentation to play with, contribute to and report issues with the code.
  • Join Slack to chat with members of the development team in real time. Request access at
  • Join or form a Special Interest Group (SIG) around any functional area or interest to contribute to the advancement of the project.
  • Join the FOLIO Facilitators’ committee to create opportunities through forums for input regarding the functionality and technology. Email to join.
  • Join the FOLIO Community Engagement committee and give recommendations on how to share updates with the community. Email to join.
  • Host a FOLIO meetup at your organization to bring community members together around a specific topic related to the platform. Email to learn more.
  • Be an advocate and tell others about the project.